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Rapper, Fast Life Trav, music career began in 2013 under the name Von G.  Teaming up with The Trio $et to release “Swagg Church.” In 2015 Trav started the well received Shining in the Dark series releasing the niche classic "Shining in The Dark". In 2017 Fastlife Trav followed up with "Shining in the Dark II" and founded Shining Records LLC. By 2020 Trav was making noise with acclaimed album All Faith No Fear which had a single “Trapping & Cappin” that reached platforms like BET Jams and earned a feature on  In Fastlife's latest project he teamed up with super producers Zaytoven and Tango 400 Shining to bring Shining in the Dark iii.

Fastlife is a well known figure in the NewRock community with heavy roots on Salem Rd where Trav began to develop his sound into what it is today. 


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